Kudzaishe Mugara


A managing director with JP Morgan Chase, Kudzaishe Mugara has served as head of its Plano home lending customer experience division since 2019. He previously served the Plano office for two years as its head of home lending customer escalations. Kudzaishe Mugara has also worked with a number of other major companies in the greater Dallas/Ft. Worth area. He served five years as head of escrow operations of the Ocwen Financial Corporation in Addison, five years as senior department operations manager of Capital One Home Loans in Plano, and two years as group manager with Ascension Capital Group in Arlington.

Kudzaishe Mugara’s areas of expertise range from building and supervising successful teams to leading strategic financial origination and service operations. Working in sectors that range from home equity to bankruptcy, he places a profound emphasis on efficient workflow and downtime reduction. To inform his professional pursuits, Mr. Mugara holds active membership in the Mortgage Bankers Association.